He was behind me thebwhoLE FUCKING TIME SET ME ON FIRE

Plz jesus let kyle be at adams and i dont have to ride this bus with his gross ex girlfriend and nikki alone amen

The shrooms are here to say hello

I hardly got any sleeep and I have 2 hour and a half classes today

One cannot consume enough coffee


Tiny legs


she’s getting stronger


she’s getting stronger


have you ever tried to do art and you just


ok but i’m serious 

it’s not fuckin’ gay if you like ur fucking ass played with

if it feels good, roll with it

teach boys to fall in love with their prostates 2k14

god i cant believe i start school again tomorrow

like……… fuck.

why did i schedule philosophy AND comp 2 on the same day

and on tuesday and thursdays no less

an hour and a half


sedate me

so someone may or may not be starting at school tomorrow and i have not seen them in almost a year and we did not end on good terms and i am kind of dreading seeing them again and i hope they stay far far away from me if they do come into the nerd room

send the police 

send the police 



her: u eat ass?

me: image

delete this post

cool so anyway have some detail shots of the treehouse i’m making